A community where individuals with autism

thrive and everyone has a sense of belonging.


Our mission is to create communities in Columbus where young adults, challenged by autism, 55+ generation, and diverse neighbors form cohesive, intergenerational neighborhoods of mutual support.

 Autism Living has formed an organization with the unique capacity to develop a community that designs each village (population center) so that it maximizes the potential for interaction among members of that community. 

Community planning and development will include energy efficiency, movement and safety design, community center, walkable town centers, access to transportation options, and several different housing options. 

As for the most vulnerable of our neighbors, each type of unit will be designed with health, safety and well being in mind. Special considerations such as noise, lighting, and access to your supportive family or neighbor will be built into the housing design discussion.   


People- taking care of People


Call it a tribe

Call it a network

Call it a family

Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one